Proud to be a member of the
Lincolnshire Gateway Academies Trust
Proud to be a member of the
Lincolnshire Gateway Academies Trust

Careers Programme

Careers Leader – Mr Andrew Blackbourn

Careers advisor – Mr Vince Agorini

Careers Governor – Mr Richard Coles

Enterprise Champion – Sophie Chapman Colleague Engagement Advisor Lincolnshire Co-op


High quality careers education and guidance in school is critical to young people’s futures. It helps to prepare them for the workplace by providing a clear understanding of the world of work including the routes to jobs and careers that they might find engaging and rewarding. It supports them to acquire the self-development and career management skills they need to achieve positive employment destinations. This helps students to choose their pathways, improve their life opportunities and contribute to a productive and successful economy.


To set every student up for Success: Enhancing Aspirations and Career opportunities to enable them to make their next best step.

The intent of our careers curriculum at Louth Academy, is to provide a stable careers programme, which will prepare students for entering the ever changing world of work. Every student is encouraged to make the most of the opportunities available and are supported in making informed decisions about their future. Careers education is developed throughout a student’s time at the school and is always supportive of their aspirations, strengths and skills. The focus of the support is aimed at destinations associated with our local context, ambitions of our students and stablility in careers education.

Aims and Purpose

The aims and purpose of the Academy’s careers education is;

  • To support students in making informed choices about their learning pathways and future employment, beyond their time at the Academy, that is suitable and ambitious for them.
  • Give high quality information and guidance to enable students to understand what opportunities are available to them in both education and employment;
  • Empower students in making their own decisions about their learning pathways by: raising aspirations and expectations, promoting equality and challenging stereotypes.
  • Provide students with a range of well-rounded experiences.
  • Develop student characteristics and social skills such as communication, resilience, leadership and self-regulation.
  • Prepare students for living and working in Lincolnshire and beyond.
  • Ensure Academy compliance with the Gatsby Benchmarks and Baker Clause.

Careers & Personal Development at Louth Academy is not just a single subject. The Curriculum Area covers PSHE (personal, social, health and economic), Careers and many aspects of Work-Related Learning in addition to Careers & Personal Development under this single title. All students in all Years have one lesson a week.

Careers & Personal Development gives students the skills and attitudes to lead successful lives at The Academy and beyond.

Students will have access to high quality advice, guidance and information helping them realise their ambitions from teachers, trained careers advisors, employers and other educational providers.

In this Curriculum Area, we aim to help students:

  • Develop their confidence and responsibility and make the most of their abilities.
  • Develop a healthy, safer lifestyle.
  • Gain the skills necessary to lead a life with Financial and Economic awareness.
  • Enjoy lessons gaining skills necessary for a productive future.
  • Take part in activities that allow them to make a contribution to the local and wider communities.
  • Develop good relationships and respect the differences between people.
  • Know and understand about becoming informed citizens.
  • Develop skills of enquiry and communication.
  • Develop skills of participation and responsible action.
  • Continually develop the skills and practice of all staff.
  • Adopt a philosophy of continuous improvement in every aspect of the delivery of all subjects within the curriculum area.

Knowledge & Skills

Within Careers & Personal Development students will have the opportunity to study Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education; Careers and Vocational Education. It is a compulsory subject in Key Stages 3 and 4 with opportunities embedded through all other subject areas across the school to assist in meeting the Gatsby Benchmarks What Good Looks Like - Gatsby Benchmarks and CDI framework New Career Development Framework (

Personal Development Map 2023-24

Year 7 Coping with Transition/ Rules/ Expectations / Bullying
Ways we can keep safe
British Values
Mental Health
Careers / National Careers Week
Charity and Fair Trade
Puberty & Safeguarding
Year 8 Law & Justice
Prejudice and discrimination - Educating against hate
Social media & Safeguarding
Careers Discovery and aspirations
Healthy Lifestyle
First Aid
Year 9 Body Confidence & Self Esteem
Healthy Relationships
Careers Aspirations for the future
Drug Awareness
Radicalisation and hate crime
Year 10 Being a Modern Citizen
Careers / Employability Skills Drop down event carers fair - NCW (National Careers Week)
Healthy relationships
Health and self-examination
Work Experience
Year 11 Post 16 Application and Careers 1:1s
Revision Skills
Mental Health
Preparing for the working world - Employability Skills

Entitlement Statements

Student Entitlement

  • Louth Academy will support students to develop their learning and employment decisions by focusing on the Gatsby Benchmarks, these are:
  • A stable careers programme;
  • Learning from career and labour market information;
  • Addressing the needs of each student;
  • Linking curriculum learning to careers;
  • Encounters with employers and employees;
  • Experiences of workplaces;
  • Encounters with further and higher education;
  • Personal Guidance.

In order to meet the Gatsby Benchmarks Louth Academy will:

  • Provide opportunities to find out about technical education qualifications and apprenticeships opportunities, as part of a careers programme which provides information on the full range of education and training options available at each transition point;
  • Provide opportunities to hear from a range of local providers and employers about the opportunities they offer, including technical education and apprenticeships – through options events, assemblies and group discussions and taster events;
  • Provide opportunities to understand how to make applications for the full range of academic and technical courses.

Every pupil has the opportunity to request a guidance interview with the Academies Careers Adviser whenever significant study or career choices are being made. All year 11 students will have at least one such interview by the age of 16, with priority given to SEND/EHCP students.

The school tailors careers activities and educational goals to the needs of each student, taking account of their prior knowledge and skills, the choices and transitions they face and any additional support that may be needed to overcome barriers to progression. The School challenges the stereotypes and disparities that exist across different courses and jobs to ensure that students from all backgrounds, including those with SEND, consider the widest possible range of careers. This includes using LMI, destinations patterns and employers in a range of jobs to address, for example, gender differences in the take up of STEM subjects or in the proportion of students pursuing apprenticeships.

Parent/Career entitlement

Louth Academy understands the need for parents and carers to be involved in this process. To facilitate this, parents/carers will:

  • be sent a letter each academic year outlining the careers provision at the Academies;
  • have access to Information on our website about the careers provision;
  • be able to have discussions with Academy staff at parents' evenings about careers and the opportunities available, and undertake a questionnaire.

Delivery of provision – Careers Strategy

The Delivery of careers provision at Louth Academy is a holistic approach which aims to match opportunities to the individual student.

Careers Programme.

Year Group Term and Topics
Year 7 Term 6 - Careers
Who am I?
Exploring possibilities - Dream Job
What is a Career?
What is an entrepreneur?
What is work life balance?
Careers and the future
Year 8 Term 5 - Careers Discovery and Aspiration
What are my interests?
Job Applications: Superhero Cv's
Challenges and rewards of work
Creating the life you want
What does success mean to me?
Careers and the climate
Year 9 Term 2 - Careers - Aspirations for the future
Introduction to careers
Skills and Qualities
Future choices and decisions
Income and Expenditure
CV and cover letter
Year 10 Term 4 - Careers Preparation
Reflecting on my Career Journey.
Exploring Employer profiles
What type of career is best for me?
Prepping to go on work experience
Well being in the workplace
In Person, Hybrid or remote.
Year 11 Term 1 - Careers - Post 16 Options - Lincs 2
Post 16 options
Personal Statements
Personal Statements
Intro to Lincs2
Lincs2 Applications

In Years 7 to 11 there is an expectation that students will have an experience of a work place during this time mainly in Year 10 (undertaking Work experience).

Unifrog – The Complete Destinations Platform

In keeping with our commitment to provide students with outstanding careers guidance and tailored support when choosing their next steps after Louth Academy we use Unifrog; an award-winning, online destinations platform.

Unifrog is the universal destinations platform and is designed to support learners in making the most informed decisions about their futures and has a range of tools that are suitable for all year groups. Each student will have their own account where they can explore all the career and next step options available to them and find information on everything from managing their workload to writing a winning CV. Students have access to a wide variety of video and written content, and interactive quizzes and tests, including:

Section of the platform Examples of what students can do Suitable age range
Quizzes Finding their interests, personality type, preferred work environment, and skillset. Years 7-13
Exploring pathways Explore careers, career sectors, subjects, sign up to free webinars, explore MOOCs and courses, and find wider reading materials. Years 7-13
Recording what you’ve done Record their in-class and extracurricular activities, record examples of their skills, and see the record of CEIAG events the school has added to their accounts. Years 7-13
Searching for opportunities Find scholarships, activities, and bursaries to support their HE journey. Find and compare degrees in the UK and overseas, live apprenticeships, and FE courses. Years 10-13
Application materials / Making applications Write their CV, cover letter, Personal Statement, and more. Track their applications and record their Post 16 / 18 intentions. Years 11-13

Students will access the platform by signing in to Unifrog using their email address and password and they can do so from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. We would encourage you to use the platform with your child so you can support them through the process of deciding their next step.

Parents can also have your own Unifrog account. You’ll be able to research careers, attend webinars delivered by employers and universities to learn more about their opportunities, and compare pathways so you can support your child in making an informed decision about their next steps. The sign up code you need is: LUADparents and you can sign up here: You can also sign up to Unifrog’s parent / carer newsletter when you first sign in to get expert advice and guidance on supporting your child with their next steps.

Place within the Curriculum and Tutorial Support system

All subjects are required to identify, in their schemes of work, when and where careers have been delivered in their lessons. Teachers are expected to deliver lessons with students, in all years, which link to careers and educational opportunities.

Examples of how careers can be delivered in curriculum areas:

  • be sent a letter each academic year outlining the careers provision at the Academies;
  • have access to Information on our website about the careers provision;
  • be able to have discussions with Academy staff at parents' evenings about careers and the opportunities available, and undertake a questionnaire.

Legal and Regulatory Framework

This Policy takes its legal framework from the following legislation and statutory guidance:

  • The Education Act 1997
  • The Education and Skills Act 2008
  • The Education (Careers Guidance in school Act) 2022.
  • DfE Statutory Guidance ‘Careers guidance and access for education and training providers. January 2023
  • DfE Skills for Jobs: Lifelong Learning for Opportunity and Growth- January 2021

This states that all schools should provide independent careers guidance from Years 8 to 11 and this guidance should be:

  • Impartial
  • Include information on a range of pathways including university options and apprenticeships
  • Adapted to the needs of the student.

Monitoring and tracking of young people

Students will be tracked on how they are engaging with the careers provision and Careers Leaders will use this to target students depending upon their needs.

Careers Leaders will use data collected from questionnaires to inform Academy staff and senior leaders about careers provision.

Students with SEND or in recipt of Pupil Premium Funding:

Students who may require additional support with their careers education have access to the following:

  • Priority - Personalised 1:1 careers appointments in Key Stage 4 with additional appointments if required.
  • Personalised support from the SEND Team if required when choosing Post-16 options.

Monitoring review, and evaluation.

  • The Academy’s Careers Lead and SLT will assess the appropriateness of the careers programme on a yearly basis and monitor the success of transition from school to other providers and destination data.
  • Louth Academy will use the online ‘Compass+’ audit tool to perform a termly review of its careers provision and measure achievement against the Gatsby benchmarks.
  • A ‘Future Skills’ questionnaire will be completed by most students during the academic year. This will show the progress the academy is making in enhancing their careers provision.
  • The feedback of teachers and parents (parents evening) will be sought to evaluate the success of the careers programme. This feedback will be used to improve the Academies careers programme.
  • A report and review of the Academy's Gatsby benchmarks should be completed at the end of each term and shared with the senior leadership in the school and the designated governor.
  • The impact of the careers programme will be measured through a number of methods, including:
    • Destination Report and Data for Year 11 Leavers.
    • Feedback from students on their experience of the careers education, information, advice and guidance received.
    • Feedback from staff on careers lessons/events and work experience programme.
    • Gathering feedback from key stakeholders including employers, partners and parents.

This information should be used by the Academy to identify students who need further intervention.

Management of Provision


  • All governors have been trained on Careers and the Gatsby Benchmarks;
  • Louth Academy has a designated Governor for Careers with a focus on the Academy's provision and to encourage involvement of local business;
  • The CEO of Lincolnshire Gateway Academies Trust and the Trust team are focused on the provision of careers and it is an agenda item on Principal meetings
  • There is a Gatsby board who meets termly which includes
    • A Vice Principal from Louth Academy
    • The Curriculum Leader for Citizenship and Careers


All teaching staff are required to provide opportunities in their lessons about careers and educational opportunities. All careers related activities undertaken in lessons, will be added to Compass+ over the course of the year. What websites could students visit to support the curriculum?

The following websites are useful;


Human Rights:

Animal Rights & Welfare:

Miscellaneous: - homelessness. - racism. - for clips that support and extend the topics studied. - for up-to-date news.

Parent & Student Information

Evidence shows that families play a key role in decision-making processes and helping guide their career path. Should you adopt a hands-on role? What is the best advice you can give your child? When do you need to get involved?

It is never too soon to think about your child's potential career, skills, and interests, and we encourage all parents/carers to start these discussions from as early as Year 7.

The most important thing we can do to support our child is to keep communicating and provide the tools to guide them in making their own choices. Below are some suggestions about how to support your child.

How you can help your child:

  • Regularly speak to your child about various careers that you encounter on a daily basis
  • Highlight the positive skills that your child possesses
  • Set a good example (socially, personally and professionally)
  • Share positive attitudes, views and values
  • Support your child to aim high regarding their education, career and life, whilst setting realistic goals.
  • Provide opportunities to enable students to learn and develop.
  • Be mindful of any unconscious bias based on our own beliefs and experiences of careers advice you may or may not have received at school, or our personal opinions of the 'right' education path.

Practical ideas to help your child:

All Year groups:

  • Attend careers fairs - In preparation plan which stands to visit with your child and prepare relevant questions. Help instigate discussions with the exhibitors. This fair may also be online.
  • Discuss the careers activities that take place at the school with your child
  • Book an appointment with our Careers Advisor if you require specific information.
  • Contact the National Careers Service if you would like specific advice
  • There is also Youth Employment with lots of advice and guidance for learners and parents Careers Advice for Parents - Youth Employment UK

In terms of career choice, we should:

  • Guide, but not dictate, the decision-making process
  • Support our child’s decisions
  • Give our children freedom and time to discover their skills
  • Provide the motivation to develop and achieve
  • Provide encouragement to pursue interests and ambitions
  • Try to instil a responsible attitude and mature outlook
  • Encourage an attitude of self-belief by being positive and never critical – as responsible adults, our words are likely to have the biggest effect on our children.

Subject related career links:

Art and Design

Business Studies

Computer Science





Media Studies

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)


Performing Arts


Technology (Design and Technology)

Parents’ guides

Guide to T-Levels


Human Rights:

Animal Rights & Welfare:

Miscellaneous: – homelessness. – racism. – for clips that support and extend the topics studied. - for up to date news. - a website dedicated to preventing child exploitation online from the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) centre. - this supports the topic of Drug Awareness which Year 9 study.